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LASETRIX specializes in the design and manufacture of various types of steel rule dies for Corrugated Box & Paper, Hange tags, Gaskets, Fabric, Foam, Plastic, Composites and so on.


These laser produced Maple or Birch boards are made from the finest materials available. Our knifed dies offer industry standards for tolerance.

• Lasetrix utilizes state of the art CAD/CAM systems in programming its die boards.
• A uniform kerf width is maintained throughout the cutting process of the die, by using continuous or pulse modes.
• Virtually any rule type the customer requires, can be supplied using our state of the art Automated Rule Processors and Benders.
• Lasetrix provides chase hole patterns for all press manufacturers in its computer for easy adaptation to customer's die orders.
• On request, we will etch sections of the die for knick locations, gripper fingers and special information.

Our precision laser-cut technology allows flat dies to be produced at high-speed with precise accuracy. This incorporates high speed AUTOMATIC BENDERS, NOTCHERS & CUTTERS which are programmable to exact specifications and are fully integrated to ensure extreme precision and accuracy. Thus the total compatibility and accuracy throughout the entire production of our dies in cutting and creasing is guaranteed. All these help guarantee the high standard of your products.

We use accurate 18mm imported plywood and best branded steel rules for Flat dies. For the Label and Sticker dies we use 6mm hard fully birch plywood and Fiber sheets.

Rotary Dies

Lasetrix has been producing some of the most innovative tooling systems for the corrugated packaging industry.

Corrugated tooling has been our major emphasis since the very beginning. We are known throughout the industry for our leadership and innovation in rotary die design and manufacturing.

Soft Anvil Rotary Dies

Lasetrix manufactures soft anvil rotary dies for presses from 24" up to 89". Dies for presses 35" and larger are laser cut.

Hard Anvil Rotary Dies

Lasetrix manufactures hard anvil rotary dies and stripping jackets for the 66" United press.

Material Sales

Lasetrix is also sell the Plywood, Steel rule, Punches, Ejection rubber and creasing matrix.